Sunday, December 30, 2007

Taking the Failed Lady Down

If you're reading this, I have to wonder what you're doing visiting dead blogs. But, whatever floats your boat. This is just a heads up to anyone who used to read this blog that I have moved on just a bit. See, the Failed Lady was created out of anger and disappointment - with myself and with someone I thought I knew. I needed to vent. I needed to be a bitch about everything on a daily basis. I needed to get laid. That person is better now. I don't need to be angry all the time or vent my frustrations on the wider world. Doesn't mean I've turned into a Pollyanna - that'll never be me. But, I don't need to blow my stack over every idiot on metro. That's a high burnout hobby. Also doesn't mean I'm not blogging away (even though I have to wonder if I'm getting too old for this shit...). You can find me at Didi's World now ( I'm in a new job that I'm sure will provide lots of entertainment. I'm in a relationship that is very entertaining in a lot of ways. It looks like I may be getting married in the next year, and I'm going to be buying a condo or something soon. This should be enough to entertain us all for a while. Hope to see you there!